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:iconryutokun:RyutoKun 1 0
Fairy Magica
Footsteps echoed throughout the forest as a pink haired man sprinted down a path. White scarf and black outfit he seemed intent on chasing someone down as water fell from the gray melancholic sky above obscuring vision to only a few feet in front of him. He didn't let the harsh weather get in his way though; he had to chase this pain in the ass down. He skidded to a stop and tore around a tree trunk only to find that the person he had been pursuing had vanished. He stared blankly at the scene in front of him before swearing and leaped through the bushes at the end of the path only to land directly in front of speeding vehicle which plowed into him and sent him flying through the sky and onto the sidewalk several dozen feet away. People screamed and ran to his side to see if he was okay. His golden eyes shot open as the sun blared down on him from above, wasn't it just raining a few seconds ago? That question could wait though he had to find that idiot. He leapt to his feet and sprinted
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Half a Second of Revival :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 0 0 The Romance of Serenity :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 0 0 The Tacos and The Lentils{The Devil Rises Again} :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 2 1
Suika Versus The Minotaur{One Shot}
Perhaps she'd finally have a challenge. Or maybe it'd be a good warm up. She just hoped it wouldn't be a waste of her time. Nine at night, the sun had just ducked behind the horizon, allowing the forest she walked in to become engulfed in a rosewood red hue. The chains on her wrists rattling, the girl with long orange hair and horns made her way down a mossy cobblestone path, a cold wind from the west meeting her back, as if it wanted to push her along. Purple skirt and white shirt, one wouldn't think of much when looking at her, she was short, perhaps only five foot, two inches. From a distance, a stranger might think she was a child who got lost in this dreadfully quiet forest, but no...there was more to her than meets the eye. While her horns and giant sake gourd may attract the wandering gaze, it was what one couldn't see that made her truly dangerous.
A casual passerby might wonder why she was out here, and that would be a intelligent thought, as this place wasn't safe for just an
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Happy Nue Years! :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 2 2 Hey, remember when? :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 2 2 My Personal Nerd Corner :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 1 0 A Random Knell Appears :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 1 0
Legacies of a Demon Ch. 2
“Alastair.” Nikane said softly under her breath as her eyes watered. “Are you sure this is the human world?”
“Of course, I made sure to transfer us to the right dimension.”  He said as he pulled out his silver mirror and looked at himself in it.
“I see…then why the hell…” She pointed to the landscape around them. “Is this a barren wasteland!? Even the sky isn’t right, it’s fucking purple. PURPLE.”
Alastair chuckled. “What are you talking about? Earths sky is blu-“ He looked up at the sky and dropped his mirror. “Oh…my.” He walked over to the dimensional rift and looked at it. “I knew I should have changed the batteries.”
“That takes batteries!?” Nikane shouted at him. “What kind of dimensional gate takes batteries!?”  
“Funny…” He tapped it. “When I ordered it from Dimensional, I thought it
:iconryutokun:RyutoKun 0 0
Legacies of a Demon Ch. 1
Sweet christ… That’s the last time I stay up all night watching anime. The blue haired girl thought as she sprawled across carpeted floor on her stomach. I just had to go and do it, just had to watch it didn’t I?  She struggled to stand up, only for her hands to slip on the soft ground causing her to plop face first onto her fluffy prison once more. Maybe I should just lay here forever and become one with the floor. A very comfortable death…yeah.
A creak.
Her head snapped up at the sound of that and she catapulted herself off the ground with such force that she slammed into a wall and cracked it. Her right hand grasped her chest as her heart beat a million miles per hour. “I-I almost did become part of the floor.” She stuttered as she looked down at the dresser which lay where she was seconds before.  She sighed and decided it was time to leave her woman cave and venture out into that…real life. S
:iconryutokun:RyutoKun 1 2
It's Beautiful...2.0 :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 1 0
Fairy Tail X Touhou {A work in Progress}
“This is a pretty big lake.” A man with short spiky black hair said. His hands in the pockets of a pair of black baggy jeans, he wore no shirt and no shoes, which was odd, considering he was standing in the middle of a blizzard. “More importantly, how exactly did I end up here?” He scratched the back of his head with his right hand. “I guess I’ll have to ask one of the locals for directions.” Turning around, he spotted an icicle heading straight for him; he instinctively ducked and dodged the attack.  “Whoa, that was close!” Standing up and squinting his eyes due to the fierce winds of the blizzard, he looked up toward the direction where the attack came from. “Who the hell are you?” He asked as he could just barely make out a figure in the sky.
“That should be my question! What are you doing trespassing in my territory?”
“How in the heck was I supposed to know this area belonged to someone? I was
:iconryutokun:RyutoKun 3 8
Author Avatar- Didn't draw, but has permission- :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 1 1 Deviant I.D :iconryutokun:RyutoKun 4 1
:icongendouplz: Proceed...



I ain't becoming active again, but I'm letting you know where you can reach me. Tis but one of my many blogs, but I'm active there for the time being.

If ya have a tumblr and decided to follow, shoot me an ask and say hi!

Till next time~


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Me? My name is Knell, while that may not seem very important, it will later when you don’t know what to call me.

I’m an avid Touhou fan, an otaku even. I have a plushie and I will soon have more. I first came across Touhou a few years back, while I was browsing Vocaloid songs, thinking it was Vocaloid, I dismissed it, until I learned the song was by a band known only as IOSYS. After looking it up, I fell in love with the lore.

I’ve read many doujins, official manga and I’ve seen the fan-anime. Come on ZUN, let a real anime be made, I’ll love you forever.{Even though I already do.}

Other things I like include Gintama, Madoka Magica, One Piece{To an extreme degree} and pretty much any game, as I’m also a big gamer.

My skype is available to mutuals, so feel free to ask for it.


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